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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spork, Bend Oregon

Spork, Bend OregonI have been dying to try out Spork ever since it opened up on the West side.

It used to be a food truck, and I missed out on it while it was mobile.

Spork has global inspired dishes with ingredients that are sourced locally. They use seasonal vegetables and humanely raised meats. Lots of things on their menu are gluten free, and marked clearly which I appreciate.

My friend from out of town came in and wanted to go someplace "cool" and "Bend" and I thought this really hit the mark.

I ordered the Spicy Fried Chicken with Jasmine rice and Kimchi ($10) shown in the front of the picture above.

She ordered the pork taco ($3) and the Hoisin Glazed Pork Belly ($6), both in the back.

We both LOVED our meat choices, and the taco was super yummy. It came with enough meat and toppings and two tortillas so we were both able to have our own little taco. The pork was really tender and sweet, while the fried chicken had a crispy, saucy glaze that just had the right amount of spicy kick. Neither one of us were a huge fan of the kimchi, as it was a bit spicy and just not really our taste. But if you like kimchi, then I'm sure you will like it as everything else was delicious.

I want to try everything else on the menu! So much of it looks amazing, and most are offered as little plates, so you could totally get a bunch of stuff and share. The prices are fair, the portions aren't huge but are perfect for a nice lunch. The small plates range from 2-$6 and the entrees are between 3-$10.

The atmosphere was fun and hip and totally "Bend."

So, if you are looking for huge portions and "normal" food don't go to Spork. If you are looking for something fun and new that will impress even the most hipster of your friends you should go to Spork.


Open from 11am-10pm every day (later on the weekends)

937 NW Newport Ave, Bend OR

(next to Cuppa Yo)

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