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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Time Treats

Yummy Treats in Bend OregonWe were out and about today collecting donations from our AMAZING sponsors today and we all had to have a little treat! It is seriously sooo nice out. We just feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful and awesome place like this.

My daughter and I each bought a cupcake from Ida's, they were devoured so fast I didn't get a picture. I had their limited time gluten free strawberry with cream cheese frosting.

To. Die. For.

My husband sneaked a bite while I was doing something else and I might have almost choked him! ;) Teasing of course. Kind of.

Then we stopped at Dakine Grindz, and YUM! So happy to have a shaved ice place who does it right! Ice cream on the bottom and even sweet cream and sour spray if you want for no extra charge. My hubby and four year old got the Dakine. Tasty. I stole several bites to make up for the Ida's incident.

The baby was asleep right up until we left, so we promised him fro-yo at our next spot.

Love Bend Yogurt Factory-Baby boy filled up on toppings and yogurt and cheesy grins, and had a little freak out when dad started looking at his animal cookies on top of his creation.

Like mother like son. We don't do so well with the sharing of good stuff! :)

Be sure to stop off at any of these delish places if you are out and about and want something sweet!

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