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Monday, May 13, 2013

SHARC water park at Sunriver


For Mothers day this year my husband booked a mini vacay to Sunriver. I was able to spend lots of time with the reasons I get to celebrate this fun holiday! This is me and my reasons eating some caramel corn from Goody's after a fun day of swimming.

We stayed in one of the many resort condo's, ours was called Tennis Village. It was a great little house with a loft, a sauna, a foosball table, and everything you need to feel right at home. We enjoyed it immensely. When you stay in Sunriver, in one of the owner's homes or in the lodge you get free guest passes to SHARC (Sunriver Homeowner's Association Recreation Center). SHARC is an indoor/outdoor waterpark and it also has a summertime tubing hill.

Sunriver Oregon Tubing HIll

It's a bit pricey to get in if you aren't staying there, so we took full advantage of the chance to get in unlimited while we were there. The tubing hill was awesome, the kids absolutely loved it. Tubing without snow and cold? Yes please! The only downside? You have to drag the tubes up the hill yourself every time you want to go, and they weren't light. Which meant my husband and I were dragging up sometimes four tubes at a time up the hill over and over again. Good workout for sure! This is for anyone ages four and up, so my baby didn't get to go which he wasn't happy about but luckily there was a park nearby for him to play at.

The little park had some rock climbing walls where my boys spent all of their time, they are all about climbing up's the getting down that was a bit trickier! :)Sunriver Oregon Park with Rock Climbing

Finally the water park itself. It was fun. The outside doesn't officially open until Memorial Day weekend, so we were only able to enjoy the indoor part. The water was on the chilly side, so just be aware of that, of course if it's super hot out, then that won't be a big problem. There is a little whirlpool that the kids loved, and I loved it too as long as it didn't get too crowded. The water was shallow enough for the kids to touch almost everywhere. There were splashing fountains, a bubbling pool and a couple basketball hoops. The slides and lazy river are outside.

Just a little insider tip...if you want to go to SHARC this upcoming weekend (June 18-19) they are opening the outside, and you can get in for free with two cans of food for the food bank! Also for every five cans you bring, they will enter you into a drawing for a 10 pack of passes to SHARC. We might head out there, although looking at the forecast it's only going to be in the 60's. So we'll see how we're feeling then.
Anyone else been to SHARC? What are your thoughts on it?

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